Between the Pages
No. 1: Avenir, Meet Cochin
M. Doyle
Avenir speaks:
Well, here I am. Since this is the first day of my existence, I suppose you could say it’s my Birth Day. Not that I remember being born - but the lack of that particular memory is hardly one I bemoan. Indeed, I’m rather content with missing out on the whole “birthing” process; all that mess and noise? No thank you. So here I am. Avenir the rabbit. Yay.

Hmm...that appears to be the limit of my capacity for enthusiasm. Fine with me. I’ll just substitute the pursuit of knowledge for the pendulum of emotion. Time to look around a bit. Nothing in that direction. Or that. Or...anywhere, really. I appear to be surrounded by complete nothingness in all directions.

This may not be as intellectually stimulating as I’d hoped. Quiet though. That’s nice.

You might wonder if I will start going into a psychotic breakdown: with no-one to talk to, nothing to see or do around me, will I crack up? Go bonkers? Pull on the crazypants? I don’t think so. After all, I have you to talk to. Whoever you are. And there is a great deal of internal knowledge to draw upon. For example, I know I’m a character in an online comic. See? Existential dread - poof!

Self-knowledge usually leads to purpose, however, and there doesn’t seem to be any of that about. Well, it’s early days yet. The first day, in fact. Something is sure to come along. Ugh. That’s veering uncomfortably close to faith, there - belief without knowledge is a trap I don’t care to fall into so early in my career. No, empiricism shall be my watchword!

Yet, all of my knowledge is based on such a shaky foundation, I would hesitate to rely upon it. It just appeared with me, when I popped into existence, no basis in observable fact at all! Is faith, then, the ultimate first cause, and only subsequently is it science all the way down? No. It can’t be. I won’t accept that! Hey! You! Whoever is “drawing” this thing, and putting these words in my mouth! Explain yourself! Explain this world!

At least give me someone to talk to!

Hey - there...there is someone in the distance! At last, a companion! Some with whom I can exchange knowledge and observations! Someone to help make sense of the endless senselessness that surrounds me! A meeting of minds, a true companion, us against the world! With that, I will be content.

See? Hardly any bonkers at all. O, ye of little faith.
M Doyle, writer

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