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Avenir is a philosophical rabbit who appreciates peace and quiet. He likes to put on a show of equanimity, but is easily jarred out of his (relatively narrow) comfort zone. He detests nearly everything about Cochin, but likes to have someone to talk at.
Cochin is a shark - but don’t worry, she probably won’t eat you. Overflowing with enthusiasm, she has more than enough to compensate for Avenir’s relative lack in that area. She can’t be bothered with sitting down and coming up with a life philosophy, because in her view, that isn’t living. She is amused by Avenir, but thinks the rabbit could stand to relax a little. Actually, a lot.
Bradley Hand
Sly and self-interested, Bradley tends to play Avenir and Cochin off against each other for his own amusement.

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Why is the comic called "Between the Pages?"
As a challenge to myself, all the visuals are created or at least originally conceived inside of Apple’s Pages word processing app.

Uh...okay. Why?
I was messing about in Pages after Apple had just updated the app, and found that they had included a ton of preset shapes. I’d no idea when someone would use all or even most of them, and I’d been thinking for a while it’d be fun to do a webcomic, and I can’t draw, so... here we are. The presets are just the starting point, of course - each one has been added to in ways that fit their characterizations. Avenir is soft, kind of greyish, while Cochin is bold and hard-edged, for example.

So it's just copied from Pages?
No, first I have to run things through an image editor (My fav is Pixelmator). Some things (navigation, site background, etc) I had to re-create inside Pixelmator, but the comic itself is generated inside of Pages.

Why don't you have any chat forums? Why aren't you on Twitter/FaceBook/Instagram/Weibo/Google+?
Since the entire staff of BtP consists of me and my elderly cat - and I’ve tried explaining Web 2.0 to him, I really have, he just does not get it - anything that isn't directly related to creating and posting new comics (and their accompanying blog) gets shoved into the drawer labeled “When I've got time.”

Well, how should I contact you, then?
For now, you can email me directly. I shall do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

How often is the comic updated?
Twice weekly, on Monday and Thursday.

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