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No. 29: Like Looking Into a Mirror Mirror
Comic No. 29
M. Doyle – 12/7/17

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Avenir speaks:
I began to have second thoughts as I watched - me? Him? - materialize. My worst fears were confirmed as I saw the tell-tale uniform of Mirror Universe allegiance upon his face. I prepared to defend myself to my last breath, but then he laughed in a friendly fashion.

"Only joking! You know, much as I may hate to admit it, the shark may have a point. We do need to calm down a little bit."

I stared at him in consternation. The shark? Right? I could hardly fathom it. "How is it that you have this ’sense of humor’ that I lack?" I asked finally.

"Well, the way I see it, we were exactly the same at the moment we were duplicated, right? After that, though we shared the same body for a while, our personalities began to diverge as we each responded in different ways to external stimuli."

"That would make sense, I suppose," I answered. "But what external stimuli have you been experiencing that I haven’t?"

"No, no - you’ve been experiencing it, too, but you are the original personality, you are more set in your ways. I am newer and thus more malleable - though I expect that to wear off quickly."

"But what caused the divergence? The change in scene backgrounds - no, that was a result of your joking persona..."

"Indeed, it must have begun before that. My suspicion, actually, is that it was a dramatic necessity. The comic needed to be funnier, I am."


"Isn’t it just? Say, did you hear the one about the actress, the bishop, and the water moccasin?"

"I fear I am about to do so."

"So the water moccasin slithers into a bar -"

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