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No. 30: Honestly, I Thought It Was Time You Knew
Comic No. 30
M. Doyle – 5/14/18

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Bradley Hand speaks:
It is possible you don’t know how slowly time can pass in a lightless cave when your only companion is a glacially slow snail droning on about the birds and the bees. Be glad.

Of course, my gastropod companion didn’t actually reference the birds and the bees, having no experience with either. Nor do I, of course, except in the limited sense of the former being dinner and the latter featuring prominently in my catalog of Things I Should Not Attempt to Sniff A Second Time.

That being said, I am of course, a cat of the world, and I am perfectly familiar with the mating habits peculiar to my species. Not that we’re all that peculiar, mind you. Not compared to the sort of thing you lot get up to. (How many of you are instinctively deleting your browser history right now, I wonder?)

Anyway. Now I get to meet more snails. My joyful abandon knows no bounds, apparently. *sigh*

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