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No. 12: Moment(s) of Silence
Comic No. 12
M. Doyle – 8/21/17

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Bradley Hand speaks:
What would you have me say? I’ve yet found nothing, and my paws hurt. I’m starting to think the rabbit is on to something, with his babble about "the creator." Lot of nonsense, in my opinion, but at times like this, I envy him his faith (O, if only I could have said that to his face, he’d have had such delicious conniptions!) If I believed in a higher being, at least I would have someone to whom I could complain.

The greatest burden is boredom, of course. At first my thoughts would slip and slide from one topic to another with their usual alacrity. (Cats, though apparently asleep for roughly ninety percent of any given day, are actually deep in thought at the time, on any number of subjects, most of which are no concern for anyone unlucky enough to not be a cat.) As the time has worn on, however, my thoughts seem to slow, even as I keep up the ceaseless pad-pad-pad. My mind is beginning to lose its fine edge against this dull, unchanging nothingness.

Perhaps I am getting tired. A grey mist seems to be descending all around me. A little farther, then a nap. I hope I do not snore while I "think".

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