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No. 11: Lowering the Bar
Comic No. 11
M. Doyle – 8/17/17

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Bradley Hand speaks:
This is absurd. There is nothing out here to find. We are wasting our time - more importantly, my time. I could be napping! Avenir said that our existence implied other people and things somewhere, but the rabbit is merely guessing. I should have argued more - should not have relied on Cochin to support me.

Shouldn’t have admitted I was afraid.

Now they’re all going to be thinking "Aw, that Bradley, he’s a decent fellow, he’s just one of us!" Well, I’m not. I’m not. When we get back together, I’ll have to do something that shows them I’m not like them. I’m a cat, I’m better.

Or maybe I shall not come back at all. If I do find something nice enough, perhaps I will simply stay. Never go back at all. Serve them right.

For...knowing too much about me.

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