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No. 10: Fantastic Bon Voyage
Comic No. 10
M. Doyle – 8/14/17

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Avenir speaks:
Perhaps we should have discussed means of knowing how far we’ve gone, when to turn around, how to determine our path back to meet up again. Yet, as much as it goes against my world-view, there is something that feels inevitable about this action. I won’t say "pre-determined", I won’t. Nevertheless, it is something we must do. The others feel the same, I imagine, else the cat - for one - would have argued at greater length.

However, if that is so, and we are in fact compelled, then what does mean for me in my struggle for self-determination against faith? Am I now relying on simple instinct to guide my actions, taking refuge in simple obedience to unfathomable urges? Am I ceding the field so readily? Not at all! It’s quite possible that I - or one of the others - will discover something that justifies and explains our shared impetuous.


That won’t do, will it? I must be honest with myself - that sort of reasoning is faith in disguise. I may desire a justification, an explanation, but I cannot assume one will be provided. Perhaps it will, perhaps it won’t, perhaps perhaps perhaps.

Enough. Time to take a page from the shark’s book of philosophy, and just go.

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