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No. 13: Full Fathom Five
Comic No. 13
M. Doyle – 8/24/17

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Bradley Hand speaks:
I have reached the bottom at last - and it is wet. Days of journeying, to discover the flooded basement of the world. Perhaps, when I return with this news, we can begin an expedition to find the Universal Sump-pump? I wouldn’t put it past Avenir to insist upon such a thing.

What is next for me to do, I wonder? Should I return? Not, perhaps, just yet. I will rest for a bit, and then look around as best I can in this darkness. I do not desire to be accused of any want of diligence. Why, with my luck, I might discover something even less agreeable to me than water - a plain of ice and snow, perhaps, or a cave full of dogs. A pity I lack the words to express my joy at the prospect. They should have sent a shark.

It is decided, then. A day or so to rest and sniff about down here, and then a return. At least the comics will be easy to put together, and will therefore be posted in a timely fashion for a change. A Cynic might speculate that was the reason for the darkness in the first place, but I am far above such petty cheap shots.

A nap then. Perhaps the ceaseless dripping will, after a time become soothing rather than annoying.

[Later Update] No, it has not.

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