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No. 14: Mosso Tremolo, in High G
Comic No. 14
M. Doyle – 8/28/17

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Bradley Hand speaks:

*pant* *pant*

Time to review my defensive options. Many of my feline deterrents rely on being seen: an electrictrified look, fur at full frizz; tail, upright and locked; an arched back; flattened ears; flashing fangs; eldritch reflecting eyes, and so on. (Rowr - I look fantastic when I’m worked up.) Regrettably, in this pitch darkness, all those fine attributes are useless. (Except possibly the eyes - I’m not sure how those are still visible.) However, I may still deploy my sonic weapons: screeching and hissing. Well then, those are on deck - should it come to a tussle, I do of course have my claws and teeth.

However...those may not be required. Whoever it is that just spoke out of the darkness does not seem to be unfriendly, yet. Indeed, he or she or it could have simply attacked without announcing their presence, if that had been their desire. Perhaps they are just naturally quiet.

Yes, hmmm...stealthy by nature, adapted to darkness, preferring their prey to be fearful rather than simply unaware...O Bradley, gaze not overlong into this dark mirror, for now comes forth your doom!


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