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No. 15: Second Thoughts, and Third
Comic No. 15
M. Doyle – 8/31/17

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Avenir speaks:
There can be no doubt that we all did see something - my own personal mental abstraction made visible. This thorny root leads to so many possible branches, my thoughts are awhirl. Calm yourself, Avenir, and let us approach them in turn.

It is a pity none of us sought to touch it, as it would be worth knowing if it was a projection of some sort, or an actual physical manifestation. In either case, could the others do the same? What if not - what if it is just I with the ability? Would that not make me...the creator? Have I been addressing myself this entire time? Such a supposition is seemingly utterly it not? No, the risk of glorifying my own self-importance to such a degree forces me to disregard this particular supposition until it can be incontrovertibly proven.

If all of us have this ability, on the other paw, then it is likely a function of the world around us, unnatural as that naturally appears. In that case, our explorations are not voyages of discovery to places already existing, but uncoordinated creation, each in our own way. That will lead not closer to a harmonious whole, but toward further conflict, as the worlds we create magnify our own loves and fears, without thoughts to others...we may be venturing into dire straits.

Lastly, it may have been a random happenstance based on other factors utterly beyond any of our control. This last supposition, as inimical as it may have once appeared to me, now seems preferable to other possibilities. Lack of control over the world surrounding oneself is far better than even partial responsibility for a world gone awry, is it not?

I shall hope for the latter, then, as I journey onward to see what I may. And may what I see bring more comfort than what my thoughts have shown me hitherto.

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