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No. 16: In the Weeds
Comic No. 16
M. Doyle – 9/4/17

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Avenir speaks:
My thoughts trip over each other in their haste to present themselves. They course through me like lightning - swift and branching every which way. Others would find this type of power - the ability to imagine a world and make it manifest around you - to be humbling. Not I - I find it exalting!

It is true that my control needs a certain amount of fine-tuning. I am currently surrounded by ever-growing grass, for instance, and - is that a tree? I don’t remember thinking of a matter. Facility will come, I am sure.

Now that it has been proven that this gift is mine, many of the doubts which assailed me prior have fallen away. Why should I worry about a world gone awry? I have the wherewithal to set all to rights. Why should I trouble myself about purpose in the world - if I find it purposeless, I can simply amend it until it becomes more fulfilling. Should I worry about what a creator desires of me? Not at all - I am a creator myself, and we would meet as equals!

I wonder - could I create not just plant life, inanimate clouds, lands, and sky - but other beings as well? Perhaps ones more congenial to my tastes.

Perhaps...perhaps I will not return to the others. It may be I have moved beyond them, and need them no longer.

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