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No. 17: Limitations
Comic No. 17
M. Doyle – 9/7/17

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Avenir speaks:
My control over the powers I wield seems to be improving, albeit in fits and starts, and with imperfect understanding as yet. I do not believe I intended to make a paisley sky. Is it perhaps responding to my unconscious will? Far beneath the froth and churn of my conscious mind, do I long for the repetitive textiles of a west Scotland town?

As far as hidden mysteries of the Id go, that is both a disappointment and a relief.

The question becomes, what to do now? If before I was relying on science and empiricism to steer my way, now that I have the power to transcend both, what is my purpose? Am I obligated to create the world I once sought to discover? Not to mention, what of the cat and the shark? Should I manifest an endless ocean? Should I create a cozy house with a warming fire and sluggish mice? And what are the ethical implications of creating a living being just to be eaten by another?

My frustration grows. I would have thought with boundless power would come a cessation of my endless questioning, but that does not appear to be the case. Perhaps…perhaps I could create someone to talk to? A being who could answer my questions?

Could I have the wisdom to create someone wiser than I?

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