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No. 18: Ch-ch-ch-Changes
Comic No. 18
M. Doyle – 9/11/17

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Avenir speaks:

It’s tough to get the timbre quite right when your head is as far above the wispy cumulonimbus’ as they are above the ground below. You want something that echoes across the hills like thunder, not tinny and whistling like some sort of eagle with a vole stuck in her throat.

Of course, with such a distinct lack of any other being to properly appreciate my atmospheric vocal exercises, it hardly matters, does it? There’s no-one else to impress. No-one that I’ve seen, anyway. I think next I shall shrink myself back down and remedy that situation. Because everything so far has been according to my plans and desires, and not just arbitrary changes that I’ve quickly rationalized as being self-driven.

Odd thought, that. I’m almost entirely sure it was mine.

That one, too...but no that the possibility of it not being my thought, I wonder where it came from. What would make me think of that? Did I not desire a world beyond my formerly blank surroundings? Did I not desire to be immense and powerful? that what I wanted? Power for its own sake has never before appealed to me, why did it now? Is it simply the circumstances changing my outlook? Of course if that is true, my worldview is far more malleable and dependent upon externalities than I’d previously dreamed - or feared.

Yes, time for this to end. Time to reduce myself in size until I am plain Avenir again, and then...then...


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