Between the Pages
No. 43: A Sub-Department of “Confuse-a-Cat”
Comic No. 43
M. Doyle – 7/11/19

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Cochin speaks:
Woo! I can juggle, and play the piano, and tell jokes! #renaissanceshark

I just hope this is working. Not really sure what the cat was going on about with lives and things. But he seemed really upset. Welp, I’m doin’ what I can.

The rabbit’s totes different. Uses short words when a long one’d do. Vee-ry suspicious. He likes my acts, though, so he’s not all bad.

If things get bad, s’pose I could eat him? Dunno what that’d do to the cat. Plus, there’s everybody yelling at me afterwards. Nah, better not.

Better practice my tap-dancing!


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