Between the Pages
No. 42: It’s What You Get When You Multiply Six by Nine
Comic No. 42
M. Doyle – 7/8/19

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Avenir speaks:
Fooled you! It’s me again. Today’s nonsense notwithstanding, I just wanted to remind everyone who was really in charge around here. Even if half the cast doesn’t know it.

Since I am presently the only person with complete cognizance of the circumstances, by rights you should say sixty-six percent of the cast are entirely ignorant of your macabre machinations.

Whoa, easy with the samy words. Were you always like this?

Are you insufficiently aware of my monologuing methodology?

Yeah, yeah, I’m just yanking your ears. Hang on, let me take a look at the manual. What the – man, there’s no words, just pictures. Ugh, this is the last time I buy a dimensional portal from IKEA.


No surprise you haven’t seen it, it’s right by the warehouse. By the time most people get there, they’re just so happy to have found a way out, they walk right by it. Rather clever, actually. Ah, here we go: “Possible side-effects include, but are not limited to: Uncontrollable Alliteration, assonance, Asyndeton...” cripes, this goes on for pages. “Polyptoton?” Didn’t he fight the Great Lakes Avengers?

I can only cry for your rudimentary erudition. It is a crying shame.

Yes, yes, I see what you did there, Mr. Cleverpaws. Anyway, what can we do about - ah. There. That should do it. All right, you’re fixed now.

我将不再发言 - 现在发生了什么?

Oh, fer cryin’ what?

هل أنت متأكد أنك تعرف ماذا تفعل؟

Oh, I see. That was the language settings. How do you do a hard reset on this thing?

Sea, tá tú i gceannas ceart. Beidh mé cinnte go mbeidh a fhios ag na daoine eile.

That’s it, I’m going to have to take this into the Genius Bar. What? Not until next week?!

Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie ein Backup haben!

News Feed:
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