Between the Pages
No. 41: The Best Laid Plans, and Others
Comic No. 41
M. Doyle – 7/4/19

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Cochin speaks:
What am I gonna say to Avenir to keep ’im busy? He never wanted to talk much to me. Bein’ fair, I never wanted to talk to him much, either. Too much sittin’ around, not enough doin’.

But Bradley says he’s changed. Mebbe he’s more of an action figure now. Maybe he’s got a kung-fu grip! Neat!

I can tell ’im about all the stuff I did in space. It wasn’t all fightin’. Some of it was just pretty. Like the attack ships on fire off th’ shoulder of Orion, that just...unbelieveable. (I hadda apologize, o’course, after I helped put ’em out. But it wasn’t really my fault. You leave C-beams glitterin’ in the dark, these things’re gonna happen.)

What if Bradley’s right? What if Avenir is changin’ the whole world, resettin’ it over an’ over? Why’s he doin’ it? And how? Doesn’t seem like him. Mebbe he has changed.

Well, Bradley wanted me to talk to ’im. Maybe he’ll just tell me, if I ask nice. Gotta watch out for that kung-fu grip, though.

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