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No. 60: Paradigm Shift
Comic No. 60
M. Doyle – 11/20/20

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Bradley Hand speaks:
I knew it’d be difficult to get them to come with, especially Avenir. That rabbit practically defines inaction. But I wasn’t expecting them all to have forgotten the other Avenir entirely! This makes things more complicated.

Or does it? If he’s stopped interfering as abruptly as he started, maybe that’s a good thing. We’ll finally be able to get something accomplished. Not that we accomplished all that much before he arrived, come to think of it. Arrgh, all this back and forth makes my claws ache.

Well, if he’s out there somewhere, then he is and there’s not a lot I can do about it. Cats don’t waste a lot of time worrying about hypothetical situations. How would we get any napping done if we did?

Regardless, these three are coming with me, if I have to bite them all to get them moving. True, this plan might prove trickier with the shark. (Note to self: worry about that later, after my nap.)

Perhaps I should sing to them? People often find that to be highly motivating.

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