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No. 59: A Perfect Three-Point Landing
Comic No. 59
M. Doyle – 10/8/20

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Avenir speaks:
I knew it was too good to last.

These blessed times, in which peace reigns with touch as gentle as a baby’s blink, haste by with unseemly speed. No sooner do we recognize our indolent existence as one that desires no change, when all at once it arrives and suddenly your entire world turns topsy-turvy.

Sometimes the change comes gently. The first leaf of autumn alights with all the force of a fairy’s whisper. Nevertheless, it is the unwitting harbinger of a seasonal shift that will sweep away the cloying heats of summer and change the face of the land entire. Other times, the change arrives as suddenly as a cat appearing out of thin air and falling to the ground directly in front of you.

Admittedly, that is a much rarer occurrence. Almost without precedent in all the known annals of the world, to the best of my knowledge.

Of course, the true test is how one faces the change when it arrives. Boldly, with the spirit of adventure propelling you forward like a mighty wind at your back? Once more unto the breach, and all that?

That’s certainly one possibility.

For me, I hear the soft space under my covers calling with a siren’s irresistible song. Let me know how it all turns out.

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