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No. 58: The End of the Line
Comic No. 58
M. Doyle – 5/25/20

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Bradley Hand speaks:
After the initial shock wore off, I tried walking up and down the barrier. It was surprisingly easier to move parallel to the edge – the resistance dropped immediately almost to nothing. This was a relief, as it was becoming almost impossible to move any closer to it. The edge continued as long as I walked, with no change or break. After a while I noticed that the going was again becoming tougher, and struggled on for a while, guessing what I would soon find. At last, far in the distance, I could see the edge make a sharp turn in front of me.

At which point I stopped to have a think because this was a great deal of work, and that is something I’ve always had something of an allergy to. I think I get it from my mother’s side. And my father’s.

And since thinking is also work, I then had a nap. Don’t judge! You try looking over the edge of your existence into the abyss, I bet you’ll want a brief kip, too.

Anyway, once refreshed, I picked up my aching paws and headed the opposite direction. (Okay, my paws weren’t aching, but never miss an opportunity to garner some audience sympathy. You never know when you might need it later.)

After what seemed like forever (I swear I saw that stupid bird sharpening its beak on a mountain at least three times) the resistance began to grow again, and I spotted the edge once again turning in front of me.

At least I now knew in which direction home lay. I quickened my pace a little (from "saunter" to "insouciant strut"), for now I brought not only rescue, but news.

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