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No. 57: If You Can’t Herd Them...
Comic No. 57
M. Doyle – 4/30/20

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Bradley Hand speaks:
Perhaps not the most diplomatic thing, to eat oneself (Oneselves? Metaphysical grammar is confusing). It effectively puts an end to argument, though.

Ironically, I’m really hungry now. Maybe that’s because I have a physical form again? At least, I think it’s my old body. I can feel my heart beat, I can hear myself breathing, stomach rumbling, all the usual bodily cacophony. Rather shocking, when it all started up again, let me tell you. Strange to think how quickly I failed to miss it. Of course, my mind was occupied with other things at the time.

I do have some regrets, of course. But come on – can you imagine eternity in the company of those cretins? The point of having nine lives – aside from outliving all your non-cat enemies, by no means a small perk – is living them to the fullest. That way, you have something to talk about with yourself. As shallow as the rest of them were, I probably would’ve tried to eat them pretty soon anyway.

So, goodbye for now, afterlife. Present life – and then all the others – awaits!

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