Between the Pages
No. 56: My Blue Heaven
Comic No. 56
M. Doyle – 4/27/20

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Bradley Hand speaks:
It’s difficult to concentrate here. This isn’t the stark, endless whiteness that we set out explore, all those strips ago. It’s white, yes, but warm, like being swaddled in a large fuzzy blanket...

Whuf. Sorry, dropped off there.

Occasional scents waft past - fresh grass, wet ground, sometimes prey. The latter often spurs a bout of furious hunting, but there is never actual prey there. Somewhat frustrating, but since hunger is never really felt either, the discontent rapidly fades. It is very easy to sit with one’s eye’s closed and just monitor the ever-changing melange...

Snif hmmm? Oh, did it again. So hard to focus. But I have to! The others need me! I mean, I don’t know what I could do if I were back there, but let’s face it: most of them shouldn’t even be allowed outside unsupervised. My help, in whatever hypothetical form, is vital. Whether it be yawning, or stretching, or...

Rrrowahh...even a furious yowl comes out as mere murmur here. I’ve got to get the other mes to listen. Shouldn’t be hard, right? We’re all the same after all. Maybe after one good roll on my back...

UPDATE: This may be harder than I thought.

News Feed:
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