Between the Pages
No. 51: Aftermath
Comic No. 51
M. Doyle – 8/8/19

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Bradley Hand speaks:
So, this is life after death. If that was actually death. I’m not really sure any more.

It looks a lot like where I originally came from, before all the changes, but it feels greatly different. Everything is warm, and slightly soft to the touch. Nothing to eat (or play with) but I don’t seem to be hungry, either. There are no scents in the air, which is slightly disturbing. It’s like I’ve gone blind in my nose.

The oddest thing is the lack of direction. We’re not flying, exactly - it still feels like walking or running on slightly spongy ground. But if something - well, another me - is “above” where I am, I can just point my head in that direction and walk there. And when I get there, we’re both facing each other on the same plane.

Trippy, but convenient. 4 stars.

I suppose I should be wondering about the shark and the rabbit, but that all feels like someone else’s problem now. Now if I can just get this other me to stop bleating on about dimensions and whatnot, I’ll be able to really get in some quality sleep time.

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It’s been a week, and no word from FaceBook. Man, that picture of Avenir must have really rattled them.
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