Between the Pages
No. 54: Let’s Be Realistic
Comic No. 54
M. Doyle – 8/19/19

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Avenir speaks:
No, I am not overly troubled by our new acquaintance’s conquistatorial ambitions. To begin with, she is not in possession of an army, which I am given to understand is something of a prerequisite in these matters. Further, according to her own relation, the military she did once have, she lost in some fashion. This does not speak highly of her potential as a threat to world sovereignty.

Yes, I am aware of other methods of establishing influence by would-be despots, but since the only other extant persons are yours truly and the shark, I think her potential of swaying the ignorant masses through charismatic speech-making is sharply limited. Indeed the shark would, it seems, be her only possibility in the ignorant mass line. However, sustained political change necessitates an attention span longer than 3.2 seconds, and so I feel relatively safe that the shark, despite her many and glaring flaws, will not turn against me.

Additionally, her charisma seems to be less even than mine, so yah-boo to you, Commandant Snail.

All right, that was a smidge childish. I apologize. If we cannot maintain our aplomb in the face of ludicrous world threats, well, that speaks poorly of us indeed.

Oh, is her back still turned?


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