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No. 25: More of a Sideways Move
Comic No. 25
M. Doyle – 11/23/17

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Bradley Hand speaks:
I really am getting a bit tired of being in the dark. Don’t get me wrong, cats are definitely creatures of shadow, but not of shadow-all-the-time. Who will be able to see my lovely coat? Or the way I twitch my tail just so? Or the means by which I express so much with just an ear flick or a carefully calculated yawn? For a species that speaks primarily through physical expressions of disdain, this all-dark diet is a real burden.

Plus, I’m starting to wonder how the others are getting on. If all I have to report is that it’s dark down here in the world’s basement, oh, and we seem to have a problem with damp, and there are snails, I’d rather get back and get it over with. Maybe the rabbit’s found something more interesting. Although he’s probably talked it to death by now.

Ugh, see? Textual sarcasm, unaccompanied by half-lidded eyes and one ever-so-slightly flattened ear, is such a weak thing. I don’t know how others manage to properly express themselves, I really don’t.

Ah, well. If nothing develops soon with the Duchess of Damp over here, I’m off back to the light.

(Try to imagine that last disparaging nickname was accompanied by a studious ear-washing, for full effect.)

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