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No. 24: A Vivid Similie
Comic No. 24
M. Doyle – 11/20/17

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Bradley Hand speaks:
Admittedly, my curiosity - never far below the surface - is now somewhat aroused. The eyes are too low to the ground to belong to a very large creature. Unless it’s squatting down in a very uncomfortable position indeed. Perhaps she is huge, but very far away? Her voice is rather quiet... She said she wasn’t a giant spider, but what if she meant she just wasn’t a giant spider? She could be closing her other six eyes...

I say "she" because we cats are quite sensitive to vocal timbre and range and all sorts of things like that. How do you think we acquire our wonderful singing voices? Just because we don’t respond to humans changes in vocal intonation doesn’t mean we don’t recognize them. We just don’t care. (Come on, we’re cats! That’s practically our species’ slogan!)

So, astute readers, based on what we’ve seen so far, what do you think Argenta is? Let us here at BtP know! betweenthepages at (Sorry, you have to type it in yourself. Darn internet spiders. But I’m cool with spiders. Really.)

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