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No. 26: Avenir 2.0
Comic No. 26
M. Doyle – 11/27/17

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Avenir speaks:
The temptation, of course, when one is presented with an occurrence as unexpected as has just taken place, is to do something right away. A mistake entire, let me assure you. More than half the time, one rushes off quite in the wrong direction, and before the realization sets in, the unforeseen happenstance swells into a full-blown crisis. Better far to stay in one’s place, look about, and think. Then one can react with confidence that the unexpected will not become the unmanageable.

One’s instinct, of course, when faced with such an unexpected eventuality as that which just befell, is to freeze up. Quite an error, I tell you. A great deal of the time, quick action is needed to prevent the window of opportunity from closing entirely, and inaction on one’s part hastens the time when - options exhausted - the occurrence transitions into a full-blown crisis. A far better plan is no plan, but simple instinctual reaction. Then one can look around from the new viewpoint that results to see other possible avenues opening up. Thus the unexpected is not allowed to become the unmanageable.

That...that was not my thought.

Wait a was not I speaking just then.

...It is possible that the crisis is already upon me. I must think what to do!

...Possibly, it is too late to prevent the crisis from occurring. I must do something!

Now that I come to think of it, "uh-oh" was a pretty fair summary.

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