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No. 27: Metatextual Renovators, Local 319
Comic No. 27
M. Doyle – 11/30/17

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Avenir speaks:
Though I started off identical to he, as time passes, we seem to grow every so slowly more distinct from one another. For example, it was my thought to call the contractors - though I am sure he would have thought of it eventually, the mere fact that I did so before he did indicates an increasing separation in our thoughts.

I was at first convinced that I had gone quite crazy, but now I have grown to accept that what has occurred is the generation of two personalities in the same body. To my mind, that implies that what I experienced was not wholly of the imagination. Did I create a world, and then rend it asunder? Obviously not - but in the reality behind my eyes I just as clearly did, for the effects necessitate the cause.

Difference does not necessitate conflict, however. It is possible that as we grow further apart, we will have more to talk about than if we were in constant simultaneous agreement. A confluence of ideas, rather than mere amplified repetition. Upon a certain amount of reflection, I believe I am anticipating such a state with pleasure. It will be nice to have someone to whom I can talk with the confidence that the barrier to understanding that usually exists between two people is, for us, permeable to the point to nonexistence.

This reality, once accepted, still begs the question of how. Trailing that conundrum come a whole line of ancillary inquiries, like ducklings hastening after their mother: What caused it? Will it happen again? Are the others experiencing something similar? (One shudders to think of a multiplicity of Cochins - one is more than sufficient for day-to-day purposes.)

The future will, no doubt present itself in due course. For now, let us begin. Avenir? I am Avenir. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Avenir, is it? I, too lay a half-claim to that name, and as well pleased to meet you. I would shake paws, but, well...

Unnecessary, my dear fellow. Now that we are formally introduced, let us settle to the business of the day:

What is to come next?

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