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No. 37: Down the Rabbit Hole
Comic No. 37
M. Doyle – 6/20/19

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Avenir speaks:
Well, it says "Avenir" up there, but really, it’s me. The other one.

What should you call me? I sure the names are already popping into your heads like bubblewrap, and just as hard to stop. "Darth Avenir," "Mirror Avenir," "Rineva," and so on. "Nick Furry?" Yes, very clever.

Because I’m the bad guy, right? I’ve got the goatee, eye-patch, and I’ve just sent my twin through some strange portal against his will. Next, I should take the time to tell you all about my evil plan, I suppose. I mean, why not, I’ve got all this space to fill anyway, right?

But here’s the catch. I’m not the evil one.

Whaaaaat? Go on, get the shocked looks affixed to your noggins. What a twist! The bad guy claims they’re not the bad guy! OMG, guys!

Well, I’m not. Oh, you can believe me or not, as you choose. But while you’re mulling it over, think about this: There’s someone else in nearly everyone’s life who makes them do things they really don’t want to do, but which ultimately turn out to be beneficial.

That’s right. Parents.

And while I am not claiming to be either Avenir’s mother or father, I do have a better perspective than he, with all of his endless mental permutations. He spins more in his head than he’s doing right now! However, I can see straight to what needs to be done. So I did it.

But, there you go. I’m not the bad guy. I do know what I’m doing, and you’re just going to have to watch it play out.

News Feed:
I’ve updated the Archive, FAQ & Cast Bio page. It should be easier to read on mobile devices. I also edited some of the FAQ answers, as they were out of date.

I’m also trying a new layout strategy, to see if the comic will appear less blurry. *knock on wood*

Or maybe I’m just saying I’m doing all this stuff (that’s invisible to you) just to look busy. Place your bets.

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