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No. 72: Obligatory Non-Action Scene
Comic No. 72
M. Doyle – 5/10/21

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Bradley Hand speaks:
Really, the trickiest part was getting close enough to them in the first place. I had to judge it just right. The instance I saw something other than blank whiteness, it meant I was too close.

Luckily, sight isn’t a cat’s strongest sense. A cat’s strongest sense is its sense of ownership, which generally extends across several major landmasses and can encompass food, bedding, toys, and really anything we happen to want just at that moment. Second to that, however, is our sense of smell, which made a handy guide. The shark does rather standing out, olfactorily.

Mrs. Didot? Like I said before, I’ve got no problem with giant spiders. Some of my best friends are giant spiders, and they tell me, “Bradley,” they say, “That’s a total lie. You loathe giant spiders.” And I say “You know what, mate? You’re right, I do.” before running screaming into the night. So all in all, I think I played it pretty cool in there.

Now I just have to get the other two to understand how heroic I’ve been – in a modest, understated way, of course – and then we can be on our way again.

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