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No. 8: Always a Bigger Fish
Comic No. 8
M. Doyle – 8/7/17

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Cochin speaks:
Don’t like the idea of splittin’ up. ’S a big world out there - well, near as I can figure, anyway. Didn’t run into any reefs while I was havin’ my exercises a few strips ago. Who’s t’ say that once we go our separate ways, we can journey back again?

Th’ cat prob’ly’d be okay with that. Seems t’ think he ought t’ be boss. An’ while he ain’t, likes causin’ trouble. Outta kick that one to th’ curb, and see who’s cryin’ now, ’m I right? But when yer one o’ three people in th’ whole wide world, you should never walk away, I s’pose.

The rabbit’s not wrong, though. There ain’t many walls here, but there ain’t a lot of here here, either. Not much difference between free run o’ nothin’ at all, and a trap. Mebbe it’s not an exploration, but an escape.

So, yeah. I’ll back th’ rabbit. Faithfully.

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