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No. 81: Accessory to Fashion
Comic No. 81
M. Doyle – 9/2/21

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Bradley Hand speaks:
She can’t mean it. Can she? She can’t really want to kill us.

I mean, sure, she’s Magistrix again, somehow, but the fact is we haven’t done anything to her. We’ve never threatened her, or her people. Despite her arrogance, her concern for her people has always been present. We helped her, when she was desperate, and her people taken from her. I mean, I’m a cat, I don’t expect gratitude. But this just seems...excessive.

It’s gotta be him. He’s the one calling the shots somehow, he’s making her do this. Foolish? Naive? Perhaps. Unlike the rabbit, I’ve never pretended to vast wisdom. Unlike the shark, I’ve never quite mastered that "go-with-the-flow" insouciance. I’m just me. And I choose to have faith in her. Faith that she’s better than that.

Of course, it hardly matters if we’re killed by her own volition, or because someone’s making her do it, does it? But...

She won’t go through with it. Will she?

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