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No. 80: Heavy Chunder
Comic No. 80
M. Doyle – 8/16/21

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Avenir speaks:
As I look back across my earlier histories, I cannot help but feel I have begun to slip into fatalism. As I entered the – whirlpool? Vortex? Let us say vortex, then, for whirlpool implies water, and there was none; just a vast force that plucked the three of us from the beginning of the book to wherever we are now.

Ah, there: I have been moved through space by a force entirely unknown to me, from a place I barely understood to a location entirely unfamiliar, and at best I can muster a feeble shrug.

Things just keep happening, you see, despite my best efforts. Once again, the shark’s "philosophy" – based on no founding principles, held up by no moral, ethical or logical framework I can discern – seems to be the most apt. I just go with the flow.

I suppose this should bother me, but eh.

As for how I can view my previous journals, it seems that the one constant in the universe is a rather battered, bilious green 3-drawer metal filing cabinet. I don’t recall purchasing it – nor, for that matter, am I aware of any shop I might have purchased it from. It is simply there, it has always been there, and I rather suspect it will always be there until the heat death of the universe, becoming slightly dustier, a tad more battered, never less than irritatingly just the wrong shade of green to ever be in fashion.

I confess, I feel a stronger flicker of interest in this humble, silent, enduring cabinet than whatever may be about to befall me next.

I wonder if I might hide inside of it.

News Feed:
You may have noticed that the pace of comics has slowed dramatically. Or perhaps you haven’t. I have been job hunting (for some considerable time now) and things were getting – well, I won’t say desperate, but acutely uncomfortable. Fortunately, a job was found, so I could deal with the second problem: my hard drive died and needed to be replaced. You know how they say "it never rains, but it pours?" Well, it’s been raining a lot lately, too. (No complaints there, we needed it!)

Anyway, so a certain amount of upheaval has been going on, but that’s all settled down now. Will the comic be coming out more quickly? Well, I’ve much less time every day to devote to it – by which I mean, much less time to procrastinate while not actually producing much – so we’ll see?

In the meantime, as always, you can support the comic by clicking on the Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee links above! Or if you want to talk @me, there’s the twitter link or email link in the FAQ.
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