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No. 79: The Allure of Shiny Things
Comic No. 79
M. Doyle – 8/12/21

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Cochin speaks:
S’ not like I want everyone t’ be all "Oh, Cochin, you saved the day! You’re a hero! Here’s a nice fish!" or anything, but...

Now I kinda do want that. Especially the fish.

I’m just sayin’, it’d be nice to at least be, y’know, recognized. It was me, after all. The rabbit was all "blah blah blah" like usual, the cat didn’t do anything. It was all me.

Weird that the big see-through rabbit called us all "heroes" though. What’d he mean by that? Did he not see me scare him off? Not that he seemed that scared. Huh.

Hang on, I hafta go take the detonator away from the cat before he –

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