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No. 78: We Interrupt This Program
Comic No. 78
M. Doyle – 6/24/21

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Avenir Next speaks:
Well, they certainly were surprised to see me. Did they really think there was anywhere I could not go? That they were safe from me? Adorable.

With all the preparations made, there was no reason to wait, and true to form my namesake was wandering off into a rhetorical walkabout. So I decided to poke them a little, see if I could get them moving.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to take more drastic measures, but I’d rather they still think they were making choices out of their own free will. For a little while, anyway. If you hold off until the last possible minute before revealing how much you’ve manipulated everything behind the scenes, you get some amazing Despair Face out of them. Note to self, have a photographer standing by.

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