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No. 67: Frenemies Like These
Comic No. 67
M. Doyle – 12/14/20

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Avenir Next speaks:

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit named Avenir Next. He was getting very bored with how slowly the story was proceeding, so he decided to take matters into his own paws.

First, he met with his counterpart, but found that to be little improvement. The other rabbit was slow to move, even with the extraordinary gifts Avenir Next had given him to see what he would do with them. So Avenir Next took back the gifts for himself (and it never occurred to him to ask how he, himself was given these gifts to bestow or keep as he chose).

Turning his attention to the only other two beings around, he placed obstacles and adventures in their path, and awaited developments. These proved diverting for a time, but still the other rabbit sat still, going nowhere, making no choices.

This was increasingly aggravating, and Avenir Next began to wonder if anything would convince the rabbit to bestir himself. He began making greater and greater changes, try to provoke a reaction, including re-booting the entire world and starting from scratch; not once but several times.

Again, nothing. It did, however, have two benefits: the cat, whom he had never particularly liked, disappeared, and a new being was revealed. He decided to see if he make changes directly to another being, and was successful. The snail - for such it was - had no idea it had once been completely different and this was most satisfactory.

He retired to consider exactly how to change the rabbit, when something entirely unexpected happened. The cat came back. Not only that, but he know, somehow, that things had been meddled with.

This frightened Avenir Next, but excited him at the same time. Something unknown! New developments!

Of course, the cat had to be neutralized. Avenue Next couldn’t have someone with a power he didn’t understand walking about.

Avenir Next arranged a meeting with the snail, and set some events in motion.

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