Between the Pages
No. 68: Performance Review
Comic No. 68
M. Doyle – 12/17/20

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Argenta speaks:
The carnage was...unspeakable.

All the up the steep, winding path that led to His new aerie, I rehearsed my rationalizations and excuses. Eyeing the lair as I drew closer to where it squatted like a large black toad against the sky, I repeated my protestations of innocence. I reminded myself that it really hadn’t been my fault, and that I need not actually tell him my secret gladness that they had somehow eluded my grasp. I had tried, I nodded to myself. That was what mattered.

All for nothing. I wasn’t permitted the time to even protest. By the time I arrived before the gate, the trap was already sprung.

All my troops, save the small platoon that makes up my Guard of Honor, all gone.

I had just gotten them back, and He wiped them away again as casually as one would smite a flea. No, not so casually. Deliberately. They suffered.

I promise you, my fallen friends, so will he.

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