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No. 62: Swipe Right
Comic No. 62
M. Doyle – 11/26/20

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Avenir speaks:
Avenir 1: I have heard of being in two minds before, but this approaches the farcical.

Avenir 2: More like the tragic.

Avenir 3: And yet, this raises all sorts of intriguing possibilities! Imagine the consequences of multiple selves abroad in the world!

Avenir 4: Yes, fascinating. Should there not be another one, though?

Avenir 2: I would be a lot happier about multiple selves abroad in the world if we had also managed to multiply the carrot supply.

Avenir 1: What do you mean, another one?

Avenir 3: But, think of the implications! Which of us is the original? Which are the copies? What is the difference between us? What about the soul?

Avenir 1: I am.

Avenir 3: What?

Avenir 1: I am the original. All the rest of you lot hopped off the platform as soon as you were created.

Avenir 2: Are you going to finish your carrot?

Avenir 4: Remember? What Bradley said? Something about a goatee and eye-patch?

Avenir 3: Yes! A pirate version! Infinite Avenirs, exploring all our potential personalities unto the end of time itself!

Avenir 2: (muffled by carrot in mouth) Sounds ghastly.

Avenir 1: (examining the console) You know, there is a reverse switch.

Avenir 4: Do you not feel as though there is something we have collectively forgotten?

Avenir 1: Oy! All of you! Get back on the platform!


Avenir 3: Do not attempt to manipulate me, sirrah! I am Avenir Unbound, free to be you and you and you and me!

Avenir 2: Oof, I think some of that was carpet. Bleah.

Avenir 4: Oh, well, I guess it is of no importance.

Avenir 1: Now, Cochin! Now!

(A flash, and only one Avenir remains.)

Avenir: Why does my mouth taste like carpet?

(End scene)

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