Between the Pages
No. 47: Q & A
Comic No. 47
M. Doyle – 7/25/19

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Argenta speaks:
Argenta’s diary, Day 1:

Came out t’ th’ drip pool so’s I’d have a quiet place t’ write in m’new diary. And guess what!
T’day I met th’ funniest person! He’s no’ like anyone I’ve met b’fore - he’s covered in somethin’ soft he calls fur. ‘Stead o’ one foot, he has four! ‘N I can’t see a shell anywhere. Says he’s explorin’. Think I’ll take ‘im home t’ meet all the folks.
Argenta’s diary, Day 1:

I came out to the drip pool to get away from everybody, and guess what? There’s somebody already there! He wants to meet everyone, so I suppose we have to go all the way back now. Ugh.
Argenta’s survival log, only entry:

I’ve been here for days now, wherever here is, and nobody’s come back for me. Okay, so I shouldn’t’ve wandered away from the group, I get that. Still, too late now. I’m by some sort of pool, so at least I’ve got plenty of water. Hang on, I hear someone coming! Momma...?
Argenta’s Diary, Day 1:

(There is no entry, just scribbles and drawings.)
Argenta’s Diary, Day 1:

We made camp at the drip pool. The children have been anxious so far, but tonight they frolicked in the pool until they were worn out and now sleep soundly, bless them. I have at last some time to record my thoughts. My husband says we have many weeks of hard travel ahead of us, so I must take what time is afforded me. He has gone to scout ahead. We cannot any longer see the red glow of the city, nor are the tunnels full of smoke. Some ash has settled on the pool, but it is still drinkable, thankfully. Wait – I hear my husband shouting. Was that a shot...?
Argenta’s youTube archive, transcript 1:

...chug! Chug! Chug! Yeaaaah, boooyyeee! [garble, crosstalk] No, shut up, Brandon, shut up, Lemar, lemme get on the swing, imma gonna GoPro the hell outta this! You watchin’? Let go! Duuuuuude! [cheering, splash]
Argenta’s Expedition, 1st entry:

I bivouacked by the first drip-pool since leaving our magnificent capital city. The water, when steeped for twenty minutes in my pith helmet, made passable tea. Have encountered a native, whom I have christened "Pango." Strange and uncouth in appearance (what, in the Queen’s name, is the purpose of a tail?), he may nevertheless be of use to me as guide and interpreter amongst his savage brethren.
Report to Leader Argenta (partially declassified):

Squad 1 encountered UPH (Unknown, Potential Hostile) at [redacted]. Ordered squad to track UPH. Brought up Squad 2, then gave order to deploy ADD (Aquatic Discouragement Device). UPH offered little resistance and was detained. Per standing orders, brought detainee to [redacted] for questioning. Detainee spoke at length about [redacted] and that he he was [redacted]. Personally, I think he’s full of [redacted].

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