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No. 5: Not-So-Little Cat Feet
Comic No. 5
M. Doyle – 7/27/17

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Bradley Hand speaks:
The rabbit was not happy to see me. I am not bothered by that. The shark has not noticed me yet, I think. That, I find displeasing. I may have to arrange matters so that the shark pays proper attention to me soon. Meanwhile, I will play with the rabbit.

Not in the way I would in the real world, alas. Here we are confined by our design, and so I must consider him a...colleague? Yes. We are on the same...ah, team, that’s the word. That doesn’t mean I can’t have any fun, however. Prey. Always so exciteable.

This world I find myself in is not wholly without its benefits. Were I truly flesh, I am aware I would not speak in so cavalier a fashion about violently engaging with a shark. Even a rabbit can be a formidable challenge. But here we meet as equals...

Snrk. Pardon me. Just my little joke.

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