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No. 70: Winter Wonderland
Comic No. 70
M. Doyle – 12/24/20

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Bradley Hand speaks:
I don’t need to scout ahead, of course. Cats are never lost. When they don’t know exactly where they are, it’s the world that’s gone wrong, not them. They sit down and wait for it to right itself, expressing their disapproval at the shoddy management of things with a meaningful flick of their ears and tail.

I did need to get away from the other two.

You’d think it’d be different. I mean, didn’t I just come to rescue them, show them the truth of what’s going on? Didn’t I just escape from the afterlife to get back to them? Yes, but...that shark is amazingly irritating. And the constant snark from the rabbit is almost as bad.

A "thank you" would not have gone amiss, either, truth be told. But of course, they don’t remember anything else, so they don’t know what they’re supposed to be grateful for. Which is more irritating than anything else put together.

Friends, yes, I can freely admit that now. But occasionally, to preserve their good will and have peace and all that, a cat must walk alone.

There, I’m feeling better now. I’ll just head back, collect them, and we’ll –

Now where have they gone?

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